Hi, my name is Vlad Kohut and this is my site. What can I say? I’m very passionate about what I do and really enjoy doing it. As you may have noticed, I’m kind of into cars. In fact, a lot of my work revolves around them. I’m intrigued by their beauty, sound, and sophisticated engineering. Other creative chapters that I enjoy exploring from time to time are photography, logo design, video, freehand sketching, and web development. That’s about it for now. Hope you enjoy. – Cheers

Some examples of my work

Recent projects and events

Driven by Passion. Fueled by Dreams.

In often times, we look at talents from all generations and types. Whether it be in music, film, sports, literature, photography, or design. We ask ourselves, what makes champions stand out?


The passion to do and a vision that fuels inspiration. When you have both, you will always create beauty in everything you do.


What does it mean to you? We use it to measure events that have either come to pass, or are yet to occur. We also use it to challenge ourselves. Time enables us to reference our progress over the course of a given period and improve upon it. When managed wisely, time can lead to new opportunities and great success.

Essence of beauty

When the soul is touched by a vision, emotional memories are formed. Beauty is the concept that lies within nature. It’s offered to us in many forms and measures. It’s around us all to discover and enjoy.

Recognize your purpose

Live by what you truly believe. Always keep the dreams alive and follow the path your were destined to be on.

Focus and remember

Success is always waiting, you just have to reach it. Everyone is meant to experience it differently. For some, it may even develop new meaning.

Recognize your purpose in life and fulfill your destiny.

Viper SRT Concept

This is a new take on capturing the beauty of the aesthetically fierce Viper.

The thought of creating a new image for the Viper has been roaming my mind for quite some time. Being one of my personal favourites from the American exotic car market. The objective was to create something more sensual, yet retain it’s traditional features.

I present the resulting design that would capture the attention of audiences all over the world and lead them to desire more.

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Photography and Design