Bugatti Venom

Volado Design is pleased to introduce to you, the Bugatti Venom.

This vehicle flows with clean lines and subtle curves. The front fascia hosts a set of semi-aggressive bi-xenon headlights and LED technology used for the turn signals. The headlights are finished in carbon fiber, with cooling vents that flow toward the dome-like grille.

Large air ducts are located below. Engineered for maximized cooling at high speeds. The lower lip is composed of light carbon fiber for enhanced aesthetics but  also to deliver additional down force to the vehicle. The signature dome grill has been restyled to flow gracefully with the rest of the design elements.

While looking at the side profile of the vehicle, you will notice the large air vents flowing alongside the door into the bottom portion of the Venom. The rear on this vehicle has an aggressive presence. The bottom portion of the rear bumper is fully composed of carbon fiber, housing dual titanium exhaust tips.

The tail lights are sleek, wide, and contain LED technology for improved visibility and quick response times. There are some additional air vents also located underneath the lights, specifically designed for maximum engine cooling. The Bugatti Venom results in a unique blend of emotion, passion and beauty.

A special thanks goes out to Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S.

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