My name is Vlad Kohut. I am a Digital Medial Marketing Coordinator and Designer with a passion for design since my adolescent years. My inspiration derives from life, music and the world around. My capabilities reside in a variety of works presented to me on an annual basis. My dedication and strive have granted me the opportunity to compete globally.

I have developed an extensive professional background, that includes award-winning works in automotive design, conceptual artistry, and digital creative media.

Prior to founding Volado Design, I acquired diverse levels of expertise in the creative stream through my early years. From what was once a hobby, is now my professional career choice.

I create no boundaries in my imagination. This allows me to visualize in my thoughts and recreate a precise image. I have embarked in this journey and I strive to absorb any upcoming knowledge, learning experiences and the unlimited sources the world of design has to offer.

Driven by passion. Fueled by dreams.
Vlad Kohut